Company Services

We offer a range of services to help your team succeed in your endeavor. Whether it is developing a new x-ray tube for an OEM application, a subsystem development effort, or a research and development effort that might span years, we have the experience and are ready to assist.
OEM X-ray Tube Development
Many of our customers are traditional OEMs. We are highly versed in analyzing and assessing customer requirements and either recommending an existing x-ray source or developing a custom unit to fit your requirements.

Please contact us today to discuss your technical requirements.
Research and Development
We have worked with major research universities, hospitals and government agencies on the development of new x-ray sources, systems and novel technologies. Our team is versed in federal funding grant programs and has participated in these sorts of efforts since the company came into being. Our lab facilities have been established for this type of effort and are a great environment to use as a preliminary data collection source and for contractual performance of research on x-ray, electron beam and other devices and technologies as pertaining to particle beam disciplines.

Whether your team is a government or private enterprise we will be happy to discuss the potential to partner as collaborators on research effots, as the primary or sub-contracting entity.

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